Student Loan check?

i received my student loan check from chase bank near an electronic signature. i endorsed the back of the check and i go to deposit it. Naturally, since the amount was big they put a hold on it, but when i checked my narrative online today it said that the check was returned to me because they could not verify the endorser. I asked them if they designed my signature but she said no. The lady from my ridge (bofa) told me that when they tried to cash it from chase guard chase could not verify the endorser (the sig on the front). How could this be if it was one of their own checks? I call chase but they haven't gotten back to me...

Answers:    Never hear of anything like this. But perchance you signed up for direct deposit or electronic transfer and the check be meant to be more of a recipt. I would maintain bugging Chase until I get an answer because it seem like someone made a mistake at the edge.
I would be calling Chase to get to the bottom of this, usually bofa will phone them while you are on the phone to get to the bottom of the problem

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