Student loans from 10 years ago.?

I have a student loan from 10 years ago. The loan be for a trade class I was taking, but in the past I finished the place closed down so I did not graduated or get any type of credential. The rest of students took the people surrounded by charge to court, but I driffed out from that, so I asumed the class action be going to take attention to detail of whatever the loan be, since I did not graduated. But in a minute a got a bill for three times as much of the first loan. Where can I dance to try to settle the loan without to reimburse all those interests, since I did not benefet from that academy.

Answers:    Go here. look for the link that say "School closed" it will let you consequently print the paperwork you need to riddle out.
I am Clara and i saw your question just about needing a loan,In the internet they are alot of scam out there.I approved to answer your question to prevent you self scammed.
I got a loan of $150,000 from an agency online and i be lucky not be scammed.
Contact them at interest rate of 0.2% is simply great.they use a yahoo email account on our request because its make contacting them easier

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