Tuition is surrounded by collections, can they pilfer my income taxes?

I got a telephone today that I for calssed that I didn't withdraw from? OK I appreciate that I owe them but, can they take my income export tax as repayment?

Answers:    No, they can't. Your school is not the establishment, and they have no access to your toll refund.

They can sue you for compensation, but they would have to step through the court system just approaching everyone else. Go to your dean or bursar's office and try and work out an agreement earlier it gets to that point.
yes they can!! It sucks but yes. They neutralize your tax returns until it is compensated off especially if its FEDERAL FINACIAL AID! Its a debt form the department of tuition, so if there is any federal money owed to you they will apply it to what you owe them. Just similar to friend of the court (government offical) can offset a parents taxes for non pocket money of child support. Its scarey but yes they can. If it wasnt fin aid and you paid yout tuitition out of your pocket, you owe the conservatory they can actually accessories your checks if need be. If nearby is a ganishment they can still keep the taxes as an balance. Either way they can forcibly build you pay it. Just resembling a default on a loan for a vehicle, they will provide your vehicle at auction, what ever they get out of it- the remaining be a foil for your responsible for. They will garnish your wages for it and they will correct your taxes as well depending on the amount owed. These society want their money and they will do whaever they have to to gain it legally.
Its nice if you can spawn an arrangement with them if you can even if its minimal, at tiniest its something and they will leave you alone. If your smart youd use your taxes to wages it off anyways or deposit your taxes into an story and with draw merely the payments out to cover the tuition. I say this mete out while the money is sitting there to brand name the payments every month, your at least earn some kind of interest past its sell-by date the tax return. I dont know what your wadding status is but this works great if you have a family unit with earn income credit. Its just an hypothesis. this is what i plan of doing in the adjectives. Any state or federal agency can offset your taxes, it sucks but they can because they are management issued checks.
Look in your finacial aid papers or our promisary data..its all surrounded by there.
Good luck.

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