Can i get a loan for this?

Question:Ok I started going to a university in fall of 05, I had a full scholarship considered a private endowment or something. Anyway i went fall '05 and spring '06 on this scholarship. Then I started back in fall '06 and i found out my scholarship was pulled. I didn't find out till thanksgiving so it was way too late for me to get out without owing money, So now i owe a bill of around 8k. I am not currently going to college, but i would like to start back, but before i can i still have to pay this bill so that the university will unlock my transcripts. Can i recieve a student loan to pay this, since i am not currently a student though, and if not what other types of loans could i possibly get. I need to get this paid, so i can go back.

no. you'll have to pay it back with your own money
get a job and pay it off.
You post your profile on this webiste and then lenders come to you. I recommend trying

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