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Question:Okay, so I am majoring in something that is a pretty crappy degree (think business & behavioral sciences). I am done with all of my classes, except for one. You have to have a 2.0 in order to graduate, but due to many reasons (death of family member, diagnosed with bipolar, etc), I have not been able to maintain that. Basically, I have to take 25 hours (roughly 8 classes) and make all A's. This is going to be nearly impossible to do. I can probably make A's and B's, but this school is hard and competitive. Anyways, I have a ton of money in loans, and it is going to be hard to find a job in my major making good money in order to pay them back.What should I do? How can the damn government allow this to happen? CitiAssit charges students 8% interest! Ugh..Any advice? Sorry to bore you!

Simple solution -- you need to take however many classes it takes to raise that gpa up to 2.0.
IF they will let you take some as a "second grade only" option do that with the classes you did the worst in (the old grade disappears, which helps your gpa with just that -- then if you can pull an A or B in that it helps even more).

1) there is such a thing as student loan deferals (ask about them if you can't make your loan payments)
2) worst case there are bankruptcy courts which can forgive loans for a fraction of the price or let you pay them back over a longer time (sometimes intrest free)
3) there is no law stating that you have to get a job in your major
4) there is no law stating that you can't go back to school and get a degree that will make you more money if that's what you want (like nursing)
5) there are programs (government and non-profits) which will do partial loan repayments for you -- not sure which ones (possible examples of places to check [not sure if they really do] military branches, Americorp, TeachAmerica, Peace Corps).
FASFA: 6.8% (=7)... 8% is not bad bad. I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!
Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

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