Can I study in USA without money?

Apply for scholarships, research grants or take a loan.
No. Impossible
sorry probably not. You can go to the library though.
yup get grants
Sure just pick up a book and start reading. You just need to be physically in the US. Money would help you when you are hungry.
No, the us colleges are very expensive, this caues most people to go into debt, you need at least 200, 000 for medicine schools, about 20,000 for arts, and 100,000 for other schooling, if you borrow from a bank, make sure you make a lot of money a month, like about seven thousand and up
If your a minority or foreign, probably. It's a little ignorant, but more than likely the truth.
Where are you coming from.
You can go to a cheap school and work and save money apply for grants and scholarships.

Anyone half-way intelligent and willing to work hard can graduate from a university.
What do you mean by study? If you mean that you want to go to college, well, no you can't do that without money; but don't worry! You can apply for loans and grants, although you will be required to pay the loans back later on in life.

But, if you mean you just want to brush up on a few subjects, go to the library or Barnes and Noble. It's free to read there.
Yes.But if you want to have good skills Go to school.
It depends on your grade level. Grades K-12 (Ages 5-18) are free education at public schools. College is only free if you recieve scholarships. College is after your High School, which are grades K-12.
hows that
I Think This Is Possible Really, Don't Be Upset.
You Can See This Happening Only In One Condition,
But I Guess Also In Deams It's Impossible.
Dont you know you cant study anywhere in the world without money. To have brains it costs money.
Go for it.
Are you in college? High school? what?

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