Do you know about ssn requirements?

Question:my daughter says she needs my ssn and her stepdads ssn for her financial aid applications. is that really necessary? i thought only my employer would have that number

Yes. They will actually be looking at YOUR tax returns to determine eligibility for her getting financial aid.
Social Security Number? Yes, financial aid applications do need that. Can't tell you WHY, but they do... For my applications, they even needed my little sister's SSN. I'm assuming it's probably some way of checking to make sure you don't have some secret bank account where you're storing away cash in order to get more financial aid. They want to make sure you don't have a million dollars stashed away and then applying for financial aid like you really need it. That's just my guess...

Your employer may or may not have that number, but you should definitely have it somewhere.
Yes, it is necessary. They need both your SSN's so they can check and see if you daughter is really your daughter and your financial situation and then render a correct award.

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