FAFSA and failing a course?

Question:can i still get financial aid if i failed one class worth 4 credits (took 12 credits in total that semester), and this is my second time failing a class(failed 1st one at year ago but took it again and passed it)

yes, they base their decisions on the full year's work, not one semester
You need to contact your university's financial aid office. Each university has different guidelines when it comes to financial aid, and you need to know what they are for your school.

Some may just give you a warning, some may suspend your financial aid or a portion of it for the next term, and some may require you to repay that money in one form or another.

I would definitely call them, make an appointment, ask all your questions just to be on the safe side.

Good luck and I hope this helps! :-)
u fail same class 2 times in a row. way to go buddy, anyway u might still b eligible for ur fafsa if ur other grade are good meaning A's. take a break from that class.
After you failed the first class you should have been put on academic probation if you had grants. Why not talk to your probation counsler to see what is going to happen?
You might still be eligible to receive the money, since the school is still charging you.
study a little harder or get a tutor

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