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Question:Hey yahoo people...Im starting Johnson Wales university in charlotte this fall and the tuition is kind of high.its 31,524 but financial aid only covers so much..ive tried for scholarships and loans but no luck..need co-signer but my family has not enough or bad credit...attending this school is like a dream for me and ive put so much time n effort into suppose to check in september 1 for classes and im running out of time....any information rite now would be helpful....thanks

try talking to the Financial Addministrater there at the college and see what they say. Keep trying to get scholarships and don't give up just yet. If you have a job then keep working. don't go blow your money on just anything. try saving some of it. See if the college will let you pay in payments. If not then you might be able to go to the bank and talk to them and see if they will give you a loan to use and you won't have to pay that back untill you get out of college. But don't give up yet.
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Go to this website. I have financial aid through this. You have to get a pin number which takes like 48 hours to get then you can fill out the info. Requirements: Live in the us, do not have a record, that is basically it. I know like 30 poeple that have it. Just at my work; teachers mostly.
at some schools when you take the papers that you've been rejected with a cosigner they have alternate loans within the school that you can get if you and you're cosigner get rejected. hang around the financial aid office and keep checking back for new loans or funds you might qualify for. try buying you're books from websites like which has books on sale and can save you tons of $$. Working during school wouldn't hurt either. Good luck!

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