Fasa grant applications?

Question:how do i give them proof of income if i have no income?
im re doing my application, the first one was refused because i couldn't provide income proof.

i am over the age of 25! so they wont want to base it off my parents income.

They are asking you for a social security report that tells how much money was collected for social security on you last year. Contact SS and ask for a history of earnings statement. That is what they are looking for. It will show that no employer contributed to your social security. No contributions...no income!
I would state that you don't currently work and provide them with last years tax return. Either that or get a SS report to prove that you in fact do not have a job.

SS form is your social security report: it keeps track of your background history including all of the jobs you've had. That way you could prove you do not have a job. Someone said to report how much you get from your parents to survive...I'd also go with that one. Call your Financial Aid office so you get the right answer the first time, so you don't have to mess around.
Well if you have someone who gives you money... parents, child support, alimony, you can have the person giving you the money write a letter stating that they give you the money. You have to have some sort of income during the year or it sends up a red flag to the government that things aren't how you say they are.

Go to the college adviser and ask them exactly how to go about the letter and information so that you can be approved. Your kinda late this semester but if you hurry you might be able to get your grant still.

Take for example. My income is from child support and alimony. Proof is divorce papers stating this is my income yearly. I do not have to file taxes.
Show them some numbers...the fact is that you can not say zero income...you should eat to survive...have $ for transportation and such...and that is exactly what they want to know...forget the NO INCOME scenario; period.

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