Fafsa problem?!?

Question:I have no contact with my father and no way to get his tax information. I cant proceed with my FAFSA app without that info. What can I do?

If the reason you are seeking information from an absent parent is because your custodial parent is deceased, you can file as an independent student and when selected for verification, provide a copy of her death certificate and a letter explaining that she's deceased and you have never had contact with your dad. A letter from a grandparent, minister, physician, etc. will help to substantiate your claim.

If you are seeking information from your absent parent because your mother is still married to him but separated, you can file your FAFSA with your mother's data only (and your own, of course). If you are selected for verification, you would provide a letter that the dad has abandoned the family and your mother can't get his information.

Because you were not more specific with your question, this is how I interpreted it. You should, however, meet with a financial aid officer for more detailed information and guidance.
what about ur mom? if ur dad is the only parent possible to have u claimed in his taxes, then ur out of luck to do fafsa. trust me, i know, my bf has the same problem. talk to a financial advisor at school and see what u can do, if they can say u have special circumstances, they may be able to help u get aid... but its a long shot... still talk to them.
Go back through there and click make changes on FAFSA, I am pretty sure you do not have to answer questions about your father and mother. There is a question before you get into your parents information that asks you if you want to answer questions about your parents and you can chose to say no. Answering questions about your parents is optional. Good luck.
I had somewhat of the same problem, call the department of education and they will help you figure it out. Also the financial aid department of your school.
First of all, who do you live with? You use the parent who you live with for your FAFSA, not the absent parent. If you live on your own, call the FAFSA phone and they will talk you through it.
If you are considered a Dependent student, who (if anyone) claims you on their taxes...maybe your mother, grandparents, or other family member. If someone claims you, use their's.

If you can answer Yes to any of thefollowing questions, then you can be considered an Independent student & you don't need his tax info AT ALL:
Was the student born before January 1, 1982?
During the school year 2005-2006, will the student be working on a master's or doctorate program (such as an MA, MBA, MD, JD, Ph.D., Ed.D., graduate certificate, etc.)?
Is the student married?
Does the student have children who receive more than half of their support from the student?
Does the student have dependents other than the student's children or spouse who live with the student and who received more than half of their support from the student, now and through June 30, 2006?
Are both of the student's parents deceased, or is he/she (or was he/she until age 18) a ward/dependent of the court?
Is the student a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces?

If the student claims to be independent, the student's school may ask that the student verify his or her answers to these questions before he or she can receive any federal student aid. If the student thinks he or she has unusual circumstances that might make him or her independent, the student should contact the school's financial aid office.

If the student is a graduate health profession student, the student may be required to provide information about his or her parents even if the student is independent. If the student is unsure whether his or her course of study is considered a graduate health profession program, the student should contact the school's financial aid office.

If you cannot answer yes to any of those questions & no one else claims you on their taxes, then most schools will allow you to apply for a dependency override. They can only grant a certain number of these (if any), but it wouldn't hurt to ask your school's FA office.
You can also do this with your mother OR another legal guardian. Contact your college or a college in your area and schedule an appointment with the financial aid officer. They can help determine what to do next.
Contact your school's financial aid department and tell them your situation. Also if your parents are divorced there is no need to have his information, you will only need your mother's.
you shouldn't have to fill in that information if your father does not live with you. i didn't
Who is your primary guardian? I'm assuming it's not your dad since you can't get a hold of him. All you need to put down on the FAFSA is your primary guardian's information.
You MIGHT be able to fill out a form with the school stating that you are independent and you might have to fill out a "Re-Evaluation Form" to be considered independent. Before you fill out a FAFSA, fill out the "Re-Evaluation Form"...

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