Engineering course sponsor/scholarship?

Question:i got admission in engineering college to do B.E CSE in one of the tamilnadu colleges. i need sponsor to pay tution fees & other fees to do my course as i belong to poor family. pls provide details of sponsors to fund my studies .also tell abt scholarships?i belong to OC category. so pls provide with details?

Get a student educational loan that will cover your tuition and hostel fees from a PSU bank like State Bank of India. With some banks, you need to start repaying them only 1.5 years after completion of course, and you need to repay the full amount only within a period of 11 years from applying for the loan. If you re a true student, then you can complete the course within 4 years and start repaying them almost immediately.

If you re looking for a free education, I suggest you ask the college if they have any scholarships available for students from low-income families such as yours. Scholarships are usually given only to deserving candidates and your qualifying marks(+2 intermediate or diploma) will be taken into account.

Engineering education is expensive, and so scholarships are given only to deserving candidates.If you re not serious and are thinking of just giving engineering education a half hearted try at somebody else's expense, then I'm sorry, I dont know of anybody who gives away his hard earned money so somebody can fritter it away it his expense.

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Scholarships are great ways to help you pay for college. You can read about them here:

Here are sites that offer engineering scholarships:

Here are sites that offer general grants and scholarships:

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my brother obtained sponsor aid of a company related to which he studies.

I found interesting information about your answer, college loans,SCHOLARSHIPS, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!
Take a loan from a bank and after you begin earning you could return it back.

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