My EFC is 798 what does this imply?

When I filled out my FAFSA it said my EFC is 798 what does this suggest and how will this effect me? All answers appreciated thank you.

Answers:    Your EFC is your Expected Family Contribution. This is how much money they determined, from the information that you provided, that your family could contribute to your rearing. Your EFC is pretty low, which is a good point for you. This means you should be eligible for several grant, such as the Pell Grants, and loans.

The FAFSA will submit this information to the schools you own listed. From in that expect to be asked to submit a few more documents. After doing so, they should send you your Financial Aid Award Letter. This will detail how much you should receive in loans, grant, work study, and possible scholarships you qualify for.
EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution, and its the amount of money that you and your household are expected to be able to contribute to your teaching. $798 is a nice low number, you might be eligible for some grants or scholarship based on that. Really, the lower the better.

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