Do you think student finance would find out about my first degree?

Question:(Mainly a question for UK answerers)

I already have a degree in Tourism Management but its not what I really want to do...I got a grant and loan from student finance to fund my students. I loved every minute of Uni but would love to study something which will be more useful to me in the future and give me more security.

I am planning on studying Psychology at Goldsmiths its a four year degree course including a foundation course. I am pregnant at the moment and plan to study maybe september 2008 or 2009. I know that they dont provide grants for second first degrees but I was just wonderin if I didnt mention that I already have a degree would they be able to find out?...I have a different address and I did not go through UCAS for the first one either.

Advice would be really appreciated...I will be giving up work when the baby arrives and will probably claim benefits until I find another job or course will this make any difference to my situation?

You should definatly tell them, they will definatly find out and its not fair to those that actually want to try uni for the first time if you lie, plus being pregnant, its hardly being a good role model for your child to look up to - even if the baby doesnt know about it - wouldnt you feel better if you knew what you were doing wasnt illegal? Cos its fraud you know, with holding information for your own benefit.
Why dont you think about starting an open university degree straight away, that way you can ease your way back in to studying and not have to sign up for a four year course.
Look into doing a masters...
They will probably find out eventually. If you do this you may land up with a huge bill in the future. What you could do, is a masters in a different subject. It doesnt have to be the same subject you did your degree in. Once you have that you could look at PHDs
yes they would find out due to national insurance numbers etc, You can have a degree already and still apply because it is a loan now not a grant so you have to pay it back. One of my friends is on her second degree and is recieving funding from the SLC so just be honest with them.

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