Bond University - Gold Coast?

Question:I really want to go there BUT,The fees are so expensive!!!
Is it worth going there?? I know you can get financial support etc?
Does anyone who go there get a financial support?? If so can you give me some info on it? I'm in Year 12 and I'm considering going there to study B arts..

. Go to the school's web site and click the "Ask A Student" link. Of course those students will NOT 'bad-mouth' their school, but you might find financial info there.
Their web page is about the fanciest site I've ever seen for a college!
"...While Bond’s places are not subsidised by the government and full tuition fees are charged semesterly on a subject-by-subject basis, cash flow relief is available through government assistance packages such as FEE-HELP and other lending options." ... etc.
... If I were studying Bus. or Law or medicine I might try to go there, but 'Art' ...? It's too expensive.

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