Please answer my Question.if you know roughly speaking educaton.?

I am Raam.from India.Do you know in India so copious castes.Those are close to S.C.,B.C.,And O.C.
That means the richest those Caste.Those are not able to catch any help from Government for any article.
I am the on of the person within that.
I had lost my father surrounded by an accident later year.
I want to study higher coaching and that is the choice of my father also.
But I have closely of financial problem.So I went to so masses banks for Loan,But they other rejected because of Guaranty.
I have not a hint property to put as Guaranty.
bacause of this reason I hold lost one Year.The next year is coming But I enjoy the same problem.
Myproblem is not one and only the education.,the gloom of un satisfying of my father's ending wish also.
How can I contineu.Can anybody assistance to me.....?

Answers:    well, i guess you have need of loan for the fees, travel/hostel for the higher lessons. Well, scholarships are other handy, but you will have to carry out well for that, and i know you can do that because of the suitable motive/reason you have. learner ships are not only given by the colleges, but also by the external agencies. Bus go beyond can help somewhat bit. go on and put up a grill upon scholarships. sholarships can provide you money fo everything. By the track, if any one in your line has a credit card, later the credit card companies have heaps small - loan schemes close to that of 40000 - 75000, without requiring any gaurentee.
sorry this is the first time i am knowing more or less this. I feel it may be an antediluvian tradition, but should be changed . I can't see you getting anywhere in enthusiasm if this doesn't stop. what happens if you run out of money are you still going to be within the 'o.c' caste?

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