Can people return to VU if they have stopped attending and still have unpaid loans?

Question:i went to VU before but got overwelmed with other things. my last semester i just stopped going and my grades were horrible. now that i dont have as much going on in my life, i would like to return. Did i completely mess up or is there a procedure that i can go through so i can start back up

You need to talk to the school. You can't just walk back in there and say I'm ready to be a student now.

If you haven't been paying on your student loans, and they are in default then you must bring them current before you will get any more money..

If you used Phea or any other government loan, it's the same way...

You need to talk to the school and loan companies. we can't give you the answer you need or want.
i'm not sure where specifically is VU but i somehow have an idea about how you actually feel... it's never a mess up if you start something AGAIN! just make sure that what you will start out today is extracted from your very heart... you should love the way you start it, look everywhere positively. wake up everyday with a smile... even though you ar not sure what that day brings, it will always turn out well because you are actually doing your best to make yourself better.

it's never too late man! you grow old not wih age but how youwalk through your life...

start and start out well..
this world has alot of things to offer...
Pray often...

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