Can you feel out a FAFSA without W-2 forms?

Question:My mom is currently on SSI, and my dad is applying for disability. We have no outside income except for my mom's SSI. Since you can't file taxes on SSI, we would have no W-2 forms. On the FAFSA site though it lists the W-2 forms as one of "must-have" items to fill out the FAFSA. Is there anyway, you can fill out the FAFSA without W-2 forms? If no one knows I'm just going to call the FAFSA hotline. Thanks for any help!

It is okay if your parents had no W-2's from 2006. Just check the option "did not file" on the fafsa. You will need to report your mother's SSI income. Just remember it is asking for the entire year total and not the "monthly" amount she receives.
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You can complete the FAFSA saying that your parents will not file a tax return. If your parents did not file any tax forms at all, then you will just have to put 0's in for income. What will most likely happen is that you will be selected for Verification and will need to provide income information to your school in the form of non-tax filer's statement. You will still list the SSI benefits your mom is receiving.

You should talk to a financial aid officer at your school for further information/guidance. Good luck!
No, you have to have something showing if you are an independent or dependent student.

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Once you go to FAFSA then the college you wish to attend they will point you in the right direction. ( For student loans)!! -------> International Students on the web <---- --->Great search engine and information site for everything <--- --> Dept. of Education for any questions<--


Please go to the Department of Education for more help and a list of student loan foundations.

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