Can I choose which state I belong to?

Question:I am presently an International Student on the verge of recieving permenant residency and thus qualifying for in state tuiton. The problem is that on the application I listed florida as my soon to be residence since my parent resides in florida, but I want to go to a school in Indiana without paying out of state tuition. Can I choose, on the interview where I want to go.

States have residency rules when it comes to in-state tuition. If you don't live in Indiana, you need to look into your school's residency rules. Most states require you to live there for a specific period of time to get residency. Usually this is proven by work records, bills, bank accounts, etc. Also keep in mind that some states don't consider just going to school there as being a resident, so unless you're planning on taking a year or so off, you might not be able to get in-state tuition after a year of studying there.
no you cant simply choose. you will need to show some type of documentation that shows you live in the state. drivers license, bank statements, utility bills, rental contract/mortgage, pay stubs from your job... those types of things
Set up permanent residency by living in a location first. You need to set up a apt or home, etc. Get utilities in your name at that location to show proof you live there.
yep, google it

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