Can you cash a FASFA refund check?

Question:I have just received my fasfa refund check and was wondrering if i can cash it and put it in my bank account or do i have to sign it over to the school?

Usually the schools issue a refund check in your name and you can do whatever you want, have never heard of Fafsa issuing refund checks,so I don't know
It's extra money from the government to help with college. extra money that you can put in your pocket and do whatever you want with (although your supposed to use it for books and stuff). Deposit it into your bank account just like you would a regular paycheck. Happy spending!
I sure as heck signed mine and put them in the bank.
The government sends the money to your school and then your school sends you a check which you can cash because it is to help purchase text books, paper, etc.

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