Do the young people from poor social background get money from the governement to study IN YOUR COUNTRY?thanks

Question:am french and I have been said that in most countries the young people from a poor social background can not study in university cause they don't have any money from their government. Is it true (in your country)?

In Ireland the College/University fees are paid by the Government so everyone no matter their background goes to College/University free.
You can get help in Belgium from the government. But not everyone gets help.
here, yes there is Financial aid. and scholarships. poor kids can go to college here if they want. BTW i am in the United States.
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In the USA if you are "under privileged" you can apply for a grant. This is money you do not have to pay back. This is money from the government.

If you are academically gifted you can get a scholarship. This money comes from the school.
In the USA, low income people of all ages can receive financial assistance from the United States government (called a federal Pell grant) to study at a university. They can get up to $4310.00 (3200 euros?) per year they do not have to pay back. This might be enough money to cover all their tuition, or it might not depending on the cost of the school they want to attend.
To receive the grant, the person can not have had a recent conviction of selling or dealing illegal drugs. Murder, rape, sodomy, extortion, etc. is permissible. :-(
Ah.. America...
In the USA you can get help from the goverment via loans, Scholarships, And Financial aid

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