College loans and grants?

Question:Hi. I'm an entering freshman at UC san diego. The tuition is around $22,000+
I'm only getting around 3500 in LOANS.
Why did i get so little? and i did not qualify for cal grant.
i would consider my family middle class. and 18k is a LOT of money. it'll be really hard to pay. Was this enough or was there an error?

I would imagine that you may have to apply for a private student loan. Are the loans that you are taking federal loans? As they have designated amounts that you are eligible for. Because of your "middle class" status there may be more costs that need to be incurred by your family. Check out, and check into the private loans etc. Have you researched all avenues for available "higher education" grants and loans? Here in Indiana we have those based on financial need as well as pell grants, stafford loans, PLUS loans and Perkin's--which are all federal government loans (lower interest rates). Try going to the FAFSA website to find more info about loans. Other than that, I would only be able to suggest a private student loan, which the interest rates for student loans are low (around 8%), and you can borrow anywhere between $30-40k.

Good Luck!!
Ask, ask and ask every single office available at your school.
There has GOT to be a loan or a grant, or even better, a scholarship you can apply for.

This is too much!

Check your local education offices as well, see if you can get a government grant.

Your government can afford to use tax money on multi-billion dollar war equipment, and they cannot shell out 100K for one student?

Stingy misers!

Check the university's website, and have a look at the links below:
Maybe ur parents make more money than the cut off. Also, fed loans r not the only loans, keep looking. ur getting about what i am getting, but it covers my tuition (of course i am going to a state university in Arkansas). Sorry but a good future costs a lot and not all of can afford a good future. Good luck.
Unfortunately, it is not an error. The federal government uses one percentage equation across the country. It might be too late to find money for this school year, but there is the chance for the next school year in locating money. I will include some free resources to locate outside college scholarship money for college. Good luck!

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