Additional info on student loan issue?

Yes, I have tried adjectives loans through school. I hold both staffords and one grant...still short. Need extra money to back pay bills at home and extra stuff needed for conservatory. I have 3 children and really can't work while within school. I will be getting dismissal in Oct.

Answers:    There is an opportunity available to you if you need to close the fracture between your cost of school and the amount of Federal comfort you have received.

You could other apply for a Private Student Loan to cover the extra costs of your education. A Private Student Loan can be used to cover any more costs you may have on the subject of your education. Also, unlike Federal Student Loans, Private Student Loans are not necessitate based loans they are credit base loans.

For more information on Private Student Loans please visit the source below. Hope this help you!
Maybe you can get an alternative loan. Your financial aid department should have information on them, or you can rummage through online (but watch out for scams). However, check their requirements and interest rates (which are usually higher). It's not a great resort, but I can't think of anything else. I can envision that your situation is stressful though. I hope it all works out for you.

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