How am I going to compensate for college?

My credit is so bad that I do not qualify for a loan, even near a co-signer. My husband and I made too much money to qualify for any financial aid, and the Federal Loan is only $4,050. My tuition is $12,500. I haven't save any money and my family will not assist me. So, am I pretty much screwed? Community College here I come! I need a impossible credit student loan!

Answers:    Community college isn't bad. In reality, I like it better because the classes are smaller, campus aren't too large, and it's cheap. It may be a better odds to get core classes out of the opening and get your associates scope. That way you can put aside money and transfer to the larger institution when you need to. If you don't want to that I infer there are some loans you can receive that don't require a credit score or are command sponsored. Check out your financial aid office and they can probably abet you.
You do some part opportunity to solve your problem if you have possible.

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