At what age are you no longer required to repay student loans in England?

Question:I will be 53 yrs. old this year and need to save for retirement.

I'm afraid you'll probably have to keep paying for the foreseeable future - outstanding loans are written off:

* when you reach 65 (loans taken out before September 2006)
* after 25 years (student loans taken out for the first time in September 2006 or later, even if you are already on a course)

If you are not working or earn a low wage you may not have to make repayments either. Check the student finance website listed below.
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If you are working and earn £15,000 per year they can request repayments of £7.00 from you it will be written off if you never work and pop off, however you can offer a payment with them of a lower amount and see if they accept it. They wont be bothered if you are saving for retirement they will want their money back to give other students who are financially struggling. Good Luck

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