Do descendants of American Indians receive free college tuition?

Question:If so, what proof of lineage is necessary and how far removed can the recipient be from the bloodline?

They can. I would start with the tribe that is listed on your CDIB card. I'm sure each tribe is different, just as each scholarship may be different. I've even seen scholarship applications that require a photo to be included with the app.

Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS is for American Indians of all federally recognized tribes, and the cost is next to nothing. I think you have to be at least 1/4 Indian for this particular school, but check the website.
Go to below websites - Haskel has a very extensive list of scholarships for American Indians as well.
There is no automatic free tuition for anyone to just any school. There are some programs to help with college tuition that are "needs based". That is, one must show a real financial need to qualify. The actual proof of lineage and how far one is removed from the so called pure Native American is variable depending on which state one lives in and which Indian Nation one is attached to.

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