Can I use FAFSA Again?

Question:I applied , got accepted and enrolled in to a local community coll. I had family issues and needed to drop out
can i use the same FAFSA app for the winter semester
or do ihave to reapply?

Yes, you only file FAFSA once a year.
yea you may to be sure contact them at 1800-4fed aid they will give you a more clear answer.
As long as it's the same school year you can use the same FAFSA application. You only have to reapply every new school year.

You can read more about the FAFSA here:

How to apply for it:

Also, have you considered applying for scholarships to help you pay for your tuition. These are free sources of money that you don't have to pay back. You can read more here:

Here are some sites that offer scholarships:

Good luck!

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