Bank of america private student loans...?

Question:i am an incoming freshmen in undergrad. my parents and i have covered most of tution with grants/scholarships and a federal stafford loan [which i also took out with bank of america]. i need some extra money to cover books, gas since i'm commuting, meal plan and club fees. i want to get a private loan from bank of america as well but when i looked for one there were different types of private loans on there. can someone please go on the bank of america website and tell me which private loan would be best for me to take out. this would be very, very helpful. thanks in advance.

Since none of us really know you, no one can really tell you which loan would be best for you. It's something you need to review based on your needs and if you are able to make payments during school or if you want to defer everything until you graduate.

It's important to point out that unlike federal loans, private student loan rates vary with each lender. Be sure to apply at several places to get a variety of options.

There are a couple of places you might try along with Bank of America...

Chase Bank has a private student loan option,

My favorite is really fast answers, no cost to apply, get the money sent directly to you in about a week. There's an easy online request form that doesn't require personal info to help get you started.

Get the loan offers from these sources then discuss the rates, fees and repayment terms with your parents to help you decide what is best for you.
the low interest is the student loans. All is possible if you have a co-signer. And some student loans are possible without co-signer. I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. Good luck!

bank of america is a good option, citibank too

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