Can a bank or lending institution ask for this?

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Koniginby B
S I want to start my own business...lets say Ive been working for a company who sells shoes and now I want to op
open my own co that sells shoes. I have to present a business plan to the bank . Now the bank is asking me to supply them with turnover, suppliers invoices and documentation from my old co. WHy is this ? Is this legit???

You can request why they ask.

Anyone is free to ask whatever he / she wants - whether you are required to provide this, is a different matter.

I do think it is strange though - you as an amployee might not have had access to that data - depending on your function.
So why they ask that, is beyond me as well.

I think that in The Netherlands, the bank cannot ask you to provide this information - or at least not require you to do so.
loks like you have given them the impression that you didnt work for that other company

but that you owned and ran it

as an employee you wouldnt have access to that stuff

all the best

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