Do you have to be out of school to qualify for in state tuition?

Question:Basically what I'm asking is can you pay for your first year in college as an out of state student and the second as an in state student providing that you secure things as drivers license, work and all that other stuff? Or do you have to be out of classes for a year which would suck?

Generally, once you are labeled a non resident, you will always be a non resident. Your time you spend in that state going to the school will not make you a resident.
No, if you start as an out of state student,

You will be classified as an out of state student the rest of the time.
depends on the state and the college. most places, you do have to be out of school. going there for school is not considered residency. talk to your school about their residency requirements, or that type of information should be on their website somewhere.

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