College fees?

Question:is it fair that unemployed can get a reduction on fees but the over 60 reduction had been stopped.
This means people who cannot speak English who have just come into this country, who are unemployed can get it free, but someone who has worked all their life and paid their taxes to this country cannot get a reduction once past 60 now

Nothing in life is fair, as you know. I guess the reasoning is, younger people need these skills to gain employment. We cannot moan about immigrants trying to become more employable, since so many believe (wrongly) that all they want to do is scrounge off our benefits system.

Having said that, I do think we over 60s should get reduced fees, too
No offense, but aren't these immigrants who come over and just stay unemployed what those who oppose some immigrants bemoan? These immigrants who just came over and don't speak English well will now be in a situation where they can learn English, socialize into our culture, and learn skills that will help them not be unemployed. Not being here as long as others they have an unfair disadvantage and I don't see anything wrong with bettering yourself

I think there should be a reduction for over 60 as well. It is unfair that they would take something like that away.
Nothing is fair in this country, it is a joke in its own right. the uk doesnt look after its own anymore and hasnt done for many years, would we expect anything less from the goverment?

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