FAFSA question.? for part time students.?

Question:i was granted money from fafsa. do I have to be a full time student, i was thinking about taking only 3 classes so what does that make me. Part time? can i still get money from fafsa with only taking 3 classes.

Your award will be adjusted.
3 classes is full time if they total at least 12 credits or more. If you signed up as a full time student on your fafsa you should sign up to take classes full time at the college you are attending.

You can cheat and take a class that is easy for you, an online class, twice a week class, whatever .. there are ways around the stresss of being a full time student if that is a worry for you.
You will get more money most likely if you are a full time student (typically 12 or more credits). You would have to take at least 4 classes probably to be a full time student.
A part time student means you are taking LESS than 12 credits. You qualify for Stafford loans. If your EFC is less than $4110 then you will qualify for partial PELL. Often times the rate a college charges for part time studies is FAR cheaper than the full time rate so it may be in your best interest to go part time. Find out the full time tuition and the part time per credit hour fee and do the math.
if you applied to fafsa as a full time student, your award was set as such. if you do not take full time student status your award will be decreased significantly. if you are thinking about taking 3 classes why not just add one more to be full time? there are quite a few general education classes that need to be taken for your degree. pick a few classes that you are good at and use those as buffer classes. they will add credits but will not be too much work for you. and you can earn your degree faster going full time. in order to be considered full time and earn full aid you need to take 12+ credits per semester.
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Good luck!

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