Do you know of any grants for college students or scholarships that aren't based on gpa?

look at and there are tons of scholarships listed there. most of them require essays to be written and are not dependent on your grades. also complete a web search for specific scholarships you are eligible for (ex: single mother, minority student, etc.). talk with your local vfw or similar organization in your area to see if they offer scholarship opportunities. if you volunteer you may be able to get a scholarship from them (if they offer one). there is a lot of money out there but a lot of students who want it too. dont get discouraged if you do not get every one you apply for. dont worry if you have applied for 20 and didnt receive any either. its better to try than not to. good luck!
There are bursaries you can get.
They aren't worth as much but they're small grants of money you can use on anything for college education.
The only one I can think of right now is the McDonalds bursary (my brother got it, but is turning it down now). It isn't much (depending on where you live of course, here in Canada it was either $250 or $500...).
But you can look around for bursaries that apply to where you work (IF you work, it's helpful if you do cause you're more likely to get a bursary that way) or any extra-curricular things you do overall.

So there're many bursaries you can apply for that don't require GPA or grades (just that you're passing more than anything is what they're after).
Athletic scholarships
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Good luck!
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