DSS/DWP community care grants...what can I ask for(need money4bills but they dont pay out for that!)?

rigt Kate you have to ask for a grant form for
clothing house hold appliences decorating
the house things they won't pay out for luxury
items but will pay out for the thing that you
need have a look around and even if you have them you can still ask.it takes a wee bit but they do come with a persentage of what you ask for.
good luck
c yah..
Well why havent you got money for bills?
If your claiming benefits then you should learn to budget and use the money you recieve on bills and food.
Noone is going to give you a handout
If none of the things they DO pay for apply to you, you should not ask for one. Grants are for people in real need. If you can't pay your bills you could apply for a crisis loan or a budgeting loan (you have to pay them back, but they don't add interest and you can have it taken out of your benefits at a few pounds a week).
you would have to apply for a loan off them grants are for the really needy people, not because you didnt budget properly sorry.i dont have any money coming in at all and all they would give me was a crisis loan for food,gas and electric.
community care grant is only for important things, cookers, beds not TVs or washing machines and it is very hard to get it - it is mainly for homeless people who have now got a home and no money to buy anything - they will want a price but usually you only get half of what you ask for and they want a story of why you need it - something like i have just got my flat and after years of depression I am trying to make a better life for myself etc. The wont give money for bills, try a budgeting loan you pay back.

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