College Loan Debt Criminal Justice?

Question:I am planning on obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice with Emphasis on Law Enforcement.

The school I am attending (Tiffin University) will cost me around 25,000 a year to attend.

I really didn't get any financial aid because my parents (according to the government) make too much, but not enough to pay my way through school. My ACT score was 14, and my SAT score was like 690. (Not everyone is genius)

That is why I didn't get any aid.

So the only option dropped on me is to finance ALL my costs on Bank loans.

Is this even worth it? Aren't my payments after graduation going to be in the thousands per month because of the amount I'm going to owe after the four years?

Note:My dad said after 4 years he MIGHT be able to come up with 20 grand.

(Would a down payment of 20 grand make any different in interest or whatever)

But being that the second question, be that as it may, lets say he couldn't come up with anything at all.

How would this work.

Serious Answers Please..

Usually the interest rate is lower therefore making the monthly payment lower. I financed 2 years and I think my payment was under $100 a month. What about work study? Is that an option where you plan on attending? Some Law enforcement agencies will reimburse you for your tuition, which is how I received my master's degree. Where there is a will there is a way. There are hundreds of scholarships that go unclaimed a year. Apply, apply, apply. Especially for ones that what to give money to aspiring law officers. Some are only a few hundred dollars, but that is more than what you started with. Really hit the scholarships and maybe you will get a few. Try hitting up your local political party affiliation for a scholarship, most are willing to do something for law officers. If all else fails you can join the military and train as an MP. You easily get a law enforcement job after your tour or go to college on the G.I Bill
Look at the website There are many other investments to make... are you sure you're going to finish school? Have you looked into the salaries of the career you're studying for? How about the projected job outlook? Right now, you're free as far as $100,000 debt. It's a hard load to carry. If you can get scholarships, or pay cash as you go, it is much better! Best to you....
Don't give up on government grants just yet. My dad was a doctor and I still got the pell grant and others. One way to get financial aid is to lay off a year before college and file your taxes other words your parents don't claim you as a dependent. Student loans are embroiled in controversy right now because of deep rooted scams within the industry. If you must get a student loan, don't go to private student loan companies, get a government student loan, the interest rates are much better. If you use student loans you can expect to pay on them for many years in the future, however the payments will be reasonable for government backed ones, and you will earn more with a college degree than without one...%70 more if recent surveys are to be believed.
First check into a cheaper school. 25k is insane, especially if you are as hard up as you say. Second, there's work study that can help a lot towards your bills. Finally, your parents should be able to fill out a Plus loan, which is a student loan your parents take responsibility for.

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