College Books any option on not paying full price or other option?

Question:My daughter has a college course for 3 weeks. Her text book is 70.00 and will most likely be used sparingly. Any other options?

Seriously check all local and university libraries. I didn't end up having to buy too many books in college because I almost always found them at a library.

Another option would be to see if the university has a used book list. Many colleges have an online list of students who have previously taken the class and are looking to get rid of their books (facebook also has an option like this).

You could also try (or or and get a used one.

Good luck!
you could rent one or buy a used one if thats an option.
The book store has used copies, but not for much less. You can also try, or wholesalers if you have enough time. Higher education is expensive, but worth it in the long run.
Several options:

1) See if there is a used textbook store or swap near the college. If the book has been used in a previous course, used copies may be available.

2) Ask the professor to put a copy of the textbook on reserve at the library. This is the cheapest solution for you!

3) Check online sources, such as ebay and
I don't know if this is an option in your area, but where I live we have an "alternative" college bookstore, called Books-to-Go, where you can get textbooks cheaper.

Also, is your friend. You can find used books there for a fraction of the college bookstore price.

I buy as many books as I can from amazon used, if they don't have it I check the alternative store, only then would I go to the university bookstore.
I am amazed the students go to schools where they have to buy books. We rented ours from our University for 6 dollars a credit hour. And the professors were nice enough to let you know if you were actually going to "use" the book for their class or if it was lectures only.

My only advice is check

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