A question about Work Study financial aid?

Question:If I work a position funded through Work Study do I get paid or does it go directly to my tuition?

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You get paid directly for any work study earnings. "The school must pay the student directly (unless the student provides other instructions) and at least monthly. Wages for the program must equal at least the current federal minimum wage but might be higher, depending on the type of work the student does and the skills required. The amount a student earns can't exceed the total FWS award. When assigning work hours, the employer or financial aid administrator will consider the student's award amount, class schedule, and academic progress." (http://ifap.ed.gov/fsacounselors/clcf/wo...

While you will have to report any earnings received from work study on your 0809 FAFSA, the FAFSA will ask if any of your earnings are from work study and then deduct that amount from the calculation of your EFC.

Talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information/guidane.

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It depends on the college. The college I went to they would pay you a check and then you could use it for your tutuion if you decided, But remember when you take work study the college usually only pay mim wage and gives you few hours and you can make a lot more some place else off campus and then just pay your tution that way. thats what I did because I was not making enough doing work study to pay other bills
You get paid every 2 weeks, at least at Penn State you do. The great thing about Work Study is that it doesn't count against you when you file your FAFSA next year. So if you made $2,000 in work study in 2007, when you file your 2008 FAFSA it doesn't count as income...making you eligible for more aid.

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