Can I get a Student Loan while having a GI Bill?

Question:I'm 18yrs old and will be graduating High school in 2 months. I have a GI Bill (From the National Guard) and I was wondering If I can still get a Student Loan. I know it might sound crazy still wanting a Student Loan after getting a GI Bill but college is to expensive for the GI Bill to cover all the expenses for four years.

You may be eligible for a loan in addition to your GI Bill depending on your chapter of eligibility, cost of attendance and EFC.

It is way too complicated to discuss here. Make an appointment with the financial aid office to determine whether or not you are eligible for loans.

And by the way, GI Bill does not impact your eligibility for gift aid programs such as Pell, ACG, SMART, etc.
If the college is TOO expensive w/just a GI bill, contact the college student financial department and ask them about it. I'm sure you are not the 1st to ask this question so I'm sure they'll be available to help.
Absolutely, I do this exact same thing. I use my MGI Bill to supplement half of my income and the Stanford loan for education.

If you are National Guard, 100% of your tution should be taken care of at any state college/university.

This is what the National Guard is infamous for! Look into it.

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