Does anyone know if i answer No to the work study question on the FAFSA and i changed my mind and decide i?

Question:do want to apply for work study but the school has already sent me an award letter can tell the Financial aid office i want to apply for work study or would i need to make that change on my FAFSA? How does that work? What are you suppose to use the work study money for? like only school things or liviing expenses also?

Every school is different but if I were you, I would notify the school and the will know EXACTLY what you need to do. I decided to live at home instead of living on campus and the school actually made the FAFSA change for me. Talk to you school.
It's always better to accept your workstudy and then defer it if you think you can't handle it with your course load. Be careful- some schools will not give workstudy back to you in the spring if you didn't accept it in the fall.

You have different options with the money. You can choose to have it go directly towards tuition. If you choose to receive the money via check, it's like any other paycheck. You can do with it what you wish.
i'd contact your school about the work study thing, but work study goes pretty fast. it's on a first-come, first-serve basis usually so i'd talk to them right away if this is something you are needing.

all your financial aid goes to pay off your tuition first though (if you don't pay it yourself). so keep in mind if you owe any tuition, money from your work study will be deducted to pay that off. but the money you can use for anything after that.
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Good luck!

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