Graduation and financial aid grill?

I was supposed to graduate within December and had already applied for graduation, however due to some class scheduling problems it get pushed back until this coming March. Since I already applied for graduation for this quarter (Fall), does that somehow affect my financial aid for the rest of the 2007-2008 arts school year? When I checked my financial aid awards on the universities website it shows singular Fall quarters worth of financial aid. I will walk talk to the important people on Monday, but I thought I would ask it on here first.

Answers:    Unless in attendance are any SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) issues such as Maximum Time Frame (the point where you no longer qualify for federal aid because you hold exceeded number of hours required for graduation in your program of study, including any transferred hours official for credit toward the degree), then you should know how to receive aid for Spring semester as well, as long as at hand is availability.

Go ahead and talk to a financial aid officer at your college as you had planned. Good luck!
Yes, financial aid should still cover you as long as you come together all the other requirements. Some are ineligible because of poor GPA, too heaps attempted hours (usually 90 at a Jr college and 160 at a university), recent drug conviction, must be working on a degree or authorization and taking classes to that effect...
Just call the fin aid organization Mon and tell them you have to delay a semester. Hopefully they will issue you another award note with Spring 08 included.
Good Luck.

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