Best job(s) while going to college full time?

Question:I am entering my sophmore year and had one small campus job my first year. Currently (over the summer and a little of the last semester) i've worked at a campus health position.
I was wondering if there are any jobs that might be best for a college kid to do. there are a lot of "prepare home mailings and be a millionaire" scams out there, so i'm looking for something that might be at my own pace, however not be super stressful or time consuming. I am a huge financial worrier and am just trying to find stuff that pays well for college kids, and can work around our hours.
It seems that if you live off campus (student loans goign to tuition costs) and your parents aren't well off, that you sort of get bogged down by the cost of living and school, yet to make good money, you need to go to school. I have a small scholarship as well (thank god) and I certainly don't waste money on stupi dthings (i.e. games, cds, car upgrades).
Thanks all for your help, sorry its long and confusing

I'm in college and this is what I do. Trust me you'll thank me later. Be a tutor. I help people with math because that is my strong subjuect. I just charge $10-$15 and hour (which most people can afford) and I tutor 3-6 people at a time for an hour. So you potentially can make around $90 in an hour. I just put up a little ad, nothing fancy, around campus. It's easy if you just have a little patience and realize that you are making anywhere from $30-$90 an hour. I'm sure you'll find it easier than flipping burgers! Good luck.
I waited tables all through college. You can make a lot of money and its fun.
If you're looking for an actual job where you go to work and punch a time clock, working at a movie theatre is perfect for college kids. I manage a movie theatre and I can tell you it's a great job to have while in school. The hours tend to be very flexible and the work isn't especially difficult. Plus the access to free or discounted movies is a major perk for college age kids.

As an entry level employee - usher, concessions, box office - the pay isn't going to be great, but if you can work up to lower management or projection then you can make some decent money.

Obviously there are better alternatives such as an internship in your field of study. But for just a job that's flexible with school, I would put working at a movie theatre above fast food and many retail outfits.
When I went to college I had two of the best jobs in the world...the first was working at the college as a teaching assistant...I finished classes at 1:00 and started in the school at 1:30...

The second best job, cause I had two, was working weekends, night shift, at the local gas bar. It was self serve and I had opportunity to complete much of my homework there.

Hope this helps and best wishes in all your endeavours in college.

I'm in the same boat. But really all I can say is go job hunting. As soon as your get back to school or if your able go a week or so ahead of time to put in some appications. I would try applying for on campus jobs first. Anything thats available even if you dont like it or think you will get the job. On campus jobs of course are cool becuase they are more willing to work with your school schedule plus you wont have to travel far...Then apply to stores and restuants close to your dorm/school. If you dont find anything as soon as school starts. wait a few weeks, things will start to open up. Esp toward the middle of fall when places need seasonal workers.
Thoses campus jobs are pretty cushy and nice. You get a lot of time to do your homework if you pick the right one.

I used to tutor for my college. They paid twice the minimum wage and I got a lot of free paid time when I'm not tutoring to do my homework. Usually had to answer the phones but that was easy. You can also tutor on your own and make more money.

I also worked in the library (probably the easiest job if you pick the right shift) . Didn't pay as well but pretty easy and a lot of free time.
Depending on your major, you might consider tutoring or teaching. Sometimes colleges pay students to tutor other students. You get "practice" at what you're good at AND you get paid.

I'm a music major and have been teaching piano for almost 3 years. It pays SOOOOO much better than other PT jobs (I get to set the rates), and I work on my own schedule.
I worked at a banquet facility. I worked Friday nights and all day Saturdays and always had a healthy paycheck. Depending on your location you can make $10-$15/hour plus tips.

It sucks working those nights but I was always out by 11:00 depending on the wedding party...easy gig with lots of hours!
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Good luck!

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