Are government grants really legitimate?

Question:Are those government grant programs advertised such as Matthew Lesko really true? Are there any other ones out there?

if any one ever got a dime out of some matthew lesko book i'd be real surprised.

there are a lot of 'real' government grants out there. you just have to be very careful and do some homework on their validity.

pennsylvania has PHEAA, which provides grants and loans for students. it also just gave its big wig head honcho a quad zillion dollar bonus or whatever, but that's another story.

so if pa has one, im sure there must be similar grants for other states. and dont order any thing (like a pheaa application) that you have to pay for. for some reason, some one is actually allowed to use that 'name' but is charging a pretty penny, hoping rightfully so, that people will think it is the real pheaa, and send that check in. in fact,it is free to file.

be careful. good luck.
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