After my financial aid my remaining balance high so i wanted to take some other loan?

Question:my question is does the loan amount depend on me or my school decide the number? for example if the balance is 5000 that i have to pay can i take loan for 4000 or the school decides this number?

It depends on what the loan is and what the difference is between your aid package, your EFC, and the COA (Cost of Attendance) for your school.

This is just a broad example: say you are a senior, classified as a Dependent student, and your COA is $10000 for 0708 and your EFC is 2000. As a senior you are eligible for up to a max of $5500 for a Stafford loan. You are getting $6000 grants/scholarships. The financial aid office would award you $2000 in a Subsidized Stafford loan and $2000 in an Unsubsidized. You wouldn't be eligible for the full $5500 because 10000 (COA) - 8000 (Sub loan and the other $6000 in aid) leaves you with 2000 remaining; otherwise you would be $1500 over the COA for your institution.

You should talk to a financial aid officer at your school for more information/guidance.

Good luck!
You can decide how much you want. Your school, your FAFSA, and your year in school determine how much the max you can borrow.
No the amount should be 6000/
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