Fafsa inquiry?

Question:if my parents both file for bankruptcy and I live with them, will my ability to get a financial aid be affected at all? i have a pretty good credit..☺ i currently have fafsa for college but for next year, with both their credits messed up, would I be able to still get an aid? Sorry, just really clueless on these things..

Your parent's credit only comes into factor if you apply for a PLUS loan (the parent loan) or a private loan involving your parents as cosigners, in which case you would not want to use them, obviously. Unless you have previously defaulted on a student loan, you don't have anything to worry about. As far as I know, they don't do a credit check on you when giving out a student loan. They may check your grades and academic progress but not credit background. If they did, I don't know how many students can get a loan because many of them have no credit history.

If you are a dependent student, you will probably get more aid now that your parents are less able to contribute. Yup, that's the irony. But do stand by your parents' decision because they are probably going through some tough times right now.
no you will get financial aid
just try and find out ... the worst that can happen is that they can tell you NO
if you are over 24, you would be filing as an independent. it does not matter if you live with them or not. if you are under 24 and unmarried then you have to use your parent's financial statements to supply the income section. if they filed for bankruptcy that is even better for you because you'll definitely qualify for financial aid. talk to a financial aid advisor at your school for more information and options.
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