Alternative student loans for poor student?

Question:Hello. everybody. thank you for your time. I am not eligible to get any type of loan with my school, because of low GPA, so financially i am suspended. i do not make enough money to pay for college and my parents cannot afford to help because of debt. My credit is bad and do not have much history, because i recently got credit card, and don't own anything besides my car i paid for already. also i have the debt with my school for loans. is there any one i can try to get some money without a cosigner, because i do not want to involve my family in more financial problems. thank you

some student loans are possible without co-signer. I found interesting information about your answer, college loans, scholarships, college grants & partime works here. luck!
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They stop lending you because they see that you aren't puting the money to good use.

You better get your act together.
Try My rich uncle. I believe this is a loan service for students. Although with your history you may not be able to get much or anything at all. You may want to try a trade school for a while to get a higher GPA.
Your Financial Aid Office should have an APPEALS process where you can appeal for additional financial aid based on the circumstances you have displayed. With some schools, you must submit a letter indicating the circumstances (bad credit, lack of co-signer) to the Financial Aid Office and they can see if they have any institutional aid they can offer you.

Also, I would check in with your Financial Aid Office to see if they have the Parent PLUS Loan denial offer. I know with some schools, if your parent applies for the Parent PLUS Loan and they are declined, you can receive a Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan -- assuming, you've done the FAFSA.

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