Are there any colleges that give discounts/scholarships if you are related to an alumni?

Question:I'm thinking along the lines of William and Mary in Virginia. My aunt graduated from there with a Doctorate. Do you think they offer something, since I'm a relative to an alumni?

Scholarships like this definitely do exist in the academic world, though they're often for children of alumni. Sometimes they're sponsored/offered by school alumni associations.

To check on the details for any particular school, it would probably be best to call or e-mail their Financial Aid office or their Alumni Association. They could tell you what funds, if any, might be available. (The William & Mary website says, "W&M offers grant assistance from approximately 300 different funds that are part of the institution's endowment, unrestricted funds, and gift accounts." With 300 possibilities, there might be something there for you, but since their website doesn't list the specific qualification details for these scholarships, you'd need to talk to them.)
i dont think so. if you want scholarships, play sports or be in honor roll classes or tell parents to get finical aid to pay for your years of college, then pay back =)
No. Even if it was your parents, they don't.
i don't know about relative but if your mom or dad WORKs for the university, then you get discount on tuition, books, etc..
The only Alumni/parrent related help I've ever heard of was getting into a Frat. I had always heard they had to take you if your parrents where an Alumni of the house in question. My cousin was counting on this but the house his dad went to didn't want him because of his GPA and the fact that they where filling up to fast. I think he still got in but if you ask me they "partied him out" by making him miss classes until his GPA was so low he actually got kicked out of school!

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