Free scholarship?

hi guys,do u know the website where i can procure free scholarships to american colleges?

Answers:    A grant is considered to be "free" because you don't have to remuneration it back. But no funding money is truly free - you pay for it during the application process and by conference GPA and other accountability requirements. Sorry, there is no truly "free ride" out in that.

Avoid the websites. Go to the financial aid office of a local college. They will hold access to information that is not available online. Some scholarship do not advertise online, so you'll miss out if you do not check next to a college financial aid department.

You'll be investing quite a bit of time doing research, later filling out applications. There is no standardized application process, so respectively scholarship will be a one-off experience. Do not plan on this being immediate.

Make a backup plan for alternate funding should no scholarships come through. Competition can be tough. Maybe work 1/2 time and budge to school 1/2 time. Avoid debt if at adjectives possible.

Good luck.

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