!Please Help Me Out!!?

Question:Does anyone know of any websites besides fastweb that offer a source of online scholarships? I am coming up short for this year of college. my parents have offered to help but i really want to do it myself!

Also I am a top ten finalist for a nation wide contest. The top 3 with the most votes get a $5,000 scholarship and I could really use a vote! it's www.safetyscholars.com click on "click to see our top ten finalists" and vote for Mary Beth French. It only takes a sec and i'd really appreciate it!! thanks yall :0)

Here are some additional sites to try:
Free Scholarship Search

College Board Homepage

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Good luck!
Here are some good sites to try:

Good luck!
I voted for you!!
Good luck!!!*-*
I voted for you!
Good Luck!!
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Good luck!
There are many scholarships given out by government and other organisations every year. You can try for some online government scholarships or grants. Fill up online forms and see if you are selected for the scholarship.
To know more you can visit

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