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Question:Say you are a resident of Texas and have been your whole life. You have been going to a community college there for 2 years now, but are filling out an application to a school in Tennessee. How do you answer this question..? Is my currently school in Texas considered to be "out of state" .. of is it

Declared residency at an out-of-state college or university?

you have declared residency in texas since you live there and are taking classes at the community college there. this question is meant to find out if you are an out-of-state student. you are living in texas and want to attend classes in TN. it sounds like since you declared residency in another state within the last year you cannot now declare residency in their state for the year. you will have to pay out of state tuition for the first year of classes.
You are going to a college in state, but would like to be declared as an out-of-state college student, since you are going to another school out of state/tranferring. You may be considered a transfer student, since your credits may carry over.
I think the answer is yes, since you are applying to a college in Tennessee. But call the college to make sure--the college officials won'tthink you are stupid because you have such a question.
Your current school in Texas is not considered out of state in Texas. Tennessee will consider it out of state because it is out of the state of Tennessee.

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