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Question:I'm a mature student returning to college. The rule to get a grant is based on many things, me living at home with parents, my parents earning over a certain amount means I'm entitled to nothing. I don't want to ask my parents to help me so I desperately need a grant. I was working for their company to earn my keep but earned too little to pay tax so therefore looks like I've been doing nothing. I think it's unfair that I can't get a grant as I am a mature student.

Any help would be brilliant.

I suggest you to arrange for $1000.00 minimum or multiples on loan and see that you earn 25% of the amount returns per month.
i.e, for $1000.0 you earn $250 per month and if you need more you can increase the investment amount.
Have you applied for a student loan?
student loan
my son is a 4.0 and didn't get much of a grant
alright...stop it
Get a job, move out, become an independant so your parents can't claim you. Then your parents have nothing to do with your finances. If you make less than $20k or something like that there are a lot of grants you can get.

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